Re: EOT & DMCA concerns

Håkon Wium Lie wrote:

>  > Poor Håkon would be getting angry bug reports from
>  > people who use set ups that generate EOTC and who have
>  > heard that Opera has *some* kind of EOT support - so
>  > why do their fonts work in IE but not Opera?

> This is a real concern. By accepting EOTL (and not EOTC) browser
> vendors accept to ship an inferior product. Microsoft marketing would
> quickly claim that only they "fully support EOT". Font vendors might
> give rebates to those who are willing to "protect" the fonts with root
> strings, at which point supporting non-IE browsers suddenly starts
> costing money. This is not a compelling scenario, and I don't think
> consensus around EOTx is possible.

None of this seem very likely to me, especially not the bit about font 
vendors offering rebates to people who use rootstrings. We have enough 
complexity to deal with in our work, without inventing new kinds that 
earn us less money.

But if you're genuinely concerned, call it something other than EOTx. 
Call it 'Splendid new web font format that just happens to have some 
backwards compatibility with IE'.


Received on Tuesday, 4 August 2009 21:53:19 UTC