FW: EOT-Lite File Format

Robert, first of all, we can only speak for Ascender. Every other type designer & foundry can and will have their own EULA.

But I don't understand why you are bringing up rootstrings. They are not part of the EOT Lite specification. 

I think you are overly complicating things. Or maybe I am missing your point?

We are trying to keep things simple. And I thought that what was described by John or Sylvain (need to go back and re-read the threads from today) did not have any of the constraints you mention below...


< on Friday, July 31, 2009 4:33 PM Robert O'Callahan wrote:
< Thanks Bill.
< Well then, assuming Ascender is representative of other font vendors (any care to comment?), 
< EOTL needs to ignore the rootstring, it needs to use a version number that enables rootstring 
< processing in IE<=8, and authors will need to insert appropriate rootstrings to get them to work 
< as EOT Classic fonts for IE<=8.
< Although I think rootstrings are bad, this seems to be the best of a bad set of deployment 
< options for authors who need to target IE<=8.
< The question for authors then is: how valuable is EOTL, given these constraints? 
< Would it still be seen as a big win, and get wide use, over the alternatives? 
< (The main alternative being to standardize something like ZOT or .webfont and authors either 
< not supporting IE<=8 or deploying EOT Classic and ZOT/.webfont versions of their fonts.)
< Rob

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