Re: Font MIME type (was RE: EOT-Lite File Format v.1.1)

> > We should probably register a MIME type for EOT-Lite (e.g.
> > application/font-eotlite).
> I would like to inquire the group if you see any need to apply to IANA
> for a top-level MIME type registration for fonts. The same question
> has been raised more than once in different organizations (in ISO/IEC
> SC34 and SC29, in OpenType forum) and since the number of different
> font formats and flavors (both current and historical) used by various
> applications now exceed two dozens, it would make sense to consider
> having "font/..." registered as a top-level MIME type (similar to
> image/... and other MIME types).
> I know that in the past (circa 2003/2004) W3C Timed-Text group has
> made an approach to do that, and it failed mostly due to the lack of
> support; but the same issue has recently been discussed in both
> ISO/IEC SC29 and SC34 subcommittees, and together with ISO and W3C on
> board I believe we can submit a joint application and present a solid
> case why the top-level "font/..." MIME type is needed.

Adding a top-level MIME type for fonts makes the most sense to me but when we
asked about this previously the answer was "this will take forever, if
at all".  CC'ing Martin Duerst in case he has something to add.  The
alternative is some form of "application/font-xxx" which would take less

Received on Friday, 31 July 2009 21:11:13 UTC