RE: EOT-Lite File Format v.1.1

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>Of Tab Atkins Jr.

>It may be that I haven't hit the email where Sylvain suggests this,
>but I thought that it was suggested that EOTL could use a version
>number of 0x00020003?

It was suggested as a possibility. For now, the format uses version 2,
which has no rootstrings at all. As this was our goal, this is where
we will start.

It has been suggested rootstrings may be useful to enforce certain EULA
restrictions. In the absence of actual EULAs clarifying on such restrictions,
due to previous general agreement that rootstrings are a very poor way to
enforce them, due to our common goal to do away with a dependency on rootstrings,
the current proposal does not depend on them for any user agent.

Should we decide to depend on them for legacy browsers, a 0x00020003 version number
would allow that and enable us to segregate EOTL from EOT files if need be. This
would address John Hudson's concern re: the edge case of EOT files loaded as EOTL.

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