Re: EOT-Lite File Format v.1.1

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 3:03 AM, John Daggett<> wrote:
> 1. Check that MagicNumber is 0x504C.
> 2. Check that the version number is 0x00020000.
> 3. Check that Flag bits TTEMBED_TTCOMPRESSED and TTEMBED_XORENCRYPTDATA are not set.

If a file fails these checks, MUST it refuse to load the file, or can
a conforming implementation attempt to parse it as a different file?

That is, do these checks occur past the point of no return, or can
they be part of the "check what kind of font this file is" algorithm,
allowing a conforming implementation to then attempt to load it as a
different kind of font (such as EOT-Classic)?


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