RE: EOT-Lite File Format

>From: Thomas Lord []

>I'm confused...


>I would like a clear, positive statement that the intent
>here is that a UA may come across a font file which
>contains a non-nil root string, where that root string
>does not match the URL of the page linking to that font, and that
>the UA may then go ahead and render with that font anyway
>without, in doing so, being non-conforming.  This behavior
>of a UA should not only be permissible, but suggested ("SHOULD").

It has been repeatedly stated that the latest proposal is to limit
EOTL to a header version (2.0) that contains no rootstrings. Therefore,
a conforming EOTL client cannot possibly render a file with a rootstring
as they would have an older 2.1 or 2.2 headers. As such your question
is a non-issue.

Should we allow the other versions, there is no need for SHOULDs of
any kind and the answer should be clear.

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