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On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 10:04 AM, Sylvain Galineau <> wrote:

 2. We recommend using 0x00020000 for EOTL files as that version has no rootstrings nor EUDC. This means step #2 checks for that value

What do you mean "has no rootstrings"? You'd want IE (<=8) to process rootstrings contained in EOTL, to make it easier for authors to comply with font licensing.

Agree. Ignoring root strings for all browsers (except legacy IE) as you suggested earlier seems to be the most sensible way to implement EOTL.


 3. Set the embedding level to one of 0x0000 (installable), 0x0004 (preview and print), 0x0008 (editable), 0x0100 (no subsetting)

Seems to me it would be simplest to require the EOTL embedding level bits to be exactly 0x0008. The other values don't make sense for Web fonts.


In practice, the embedding level is set by a font vendor at the time when a font is licensed. In order to avoid any possible confusion, the embedding restrictions are not in any way affect the web author - authors may use the fonts they licensed any way they like. If the web pages they created aren’t going to be editable by users (visitors), then “print and preview” embedding would also work just fine.





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