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On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 11:49 AM, Robert O'Callahan <>

< The question is, will your font licenses *require* such a restriction?


< Well hmm, you seem to be saying they won't.




I'm sorry for the confusion. I had to re-read the language in our current
draft EOT EULA. It says: "reasonably restricts access to Font Software for
use in any way by web pages not originating from the CUSTOMER Web Server
(For example; by using referrer checking to prevent hotlinking or


We do expect our customers to take reasonable steps, like referrer checking,
to control access to our font IP.


I will also repeat that we hope browsers that implement EOT Lite in the
future will require a same-origin check. We appreciate that FireFox has done
this with its initial support for font linking, and hope that it will do the
same with EOT Lite. Same-origin checking protects font IP and also provides
benefits to our customers (Ascender and the browser developers customers)
who want to protect their bandwidth and also possibly their brand by
limiting hotlinking or deeplinking to their site's resources.


Bill Davis

Ascender Corp.



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