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Re: A way forward

From: John Hudson <tiro@tiro.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 08:11:13 -0700
Message-ID: <4A687D91.2020306@tiro.com>
To: rfink@readableweb.com
CC: www-font@w3.org
Richard Fink wrote:

> If by this, you mean a discontinuation of support for linking to "raw" TTF/OTF in Safari and FF, replaced by support for a .webfont of some kind, it's not going to happen. 

No, this is not what I mean, nor what I wrote. I specifically stated that

	...other browsers will presumably continue to support
	naked font linking for those free fonts whose makers
	are willing to permit that format.

If naked font linking were to wither on the vine completely, I'd be 
happy about that, but so long as it isn't an interoperable format I 
don't much care how long it lingers. Most professional font makers are 
not going to license for it; most clients for custom font solutions are 
going to avoid it; it will remain a niche format on some browsers for 
free fonts; there will be no incentive to use it as a web font format 
because there will be an interoperable option.

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