RE: A way forward

> Sylvain Galineau wrote:
> Bill, thank you for the clarification. Here is why it was especially
> relevant to EOT-Lite; as you well know, a short-term benefit of your
> proposal is that it is compatible with the vast IE installed base out
> there. But in the absence of a rootstring, no existing IE will perform
> a same-origin check by default. So any such requirement would
> essentially require authors to do extra work on the server (something
> not all authors might be able to do, actually).
> A brand new standard, however, can require such a check from the
> beginning. But if anyone willing to license fonts as EOT-Lite required
> some sort of same-origin check then the benefit of IE compatibility
> also comes at some administrative cost, admin costs which we tried to
> eliminate by getting rid of rootstrings for instance.
> Hope this helps,
> S.

Sylvain, we fully understand and agree. 

Just to be clear, we will not require a same origin check as part of our EOT
Lite web font license.

We do intend to recommend, but not require, that the author utilize referrer
checking (or other methods) to limit hotlinking or deeplinking. We believe
this provides clear benefits.


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