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> This issue of a new font format is *entirely* a licensing issue.  My
> point was simply that EOT-Lite potentially affects the choice of fonts
> available in non-IE browsers, since those font vendors who require
> same-origin checking in *all* cases would not be able to license their
> fonts for web use (or would need to require things like referrer
> checking) because of this structural limitation.  Creating two font
> files, a legacy EOT and a new format .webfont/ZOT, is a pain but
> it does not have this limitation.

If we thought roostrings were too much of a burden for authors and web sites, requiring
them to handle both rootstrings and a second format should be quite unattractive for many.

Any authors I haven't scared away yet willing to chime in ? :) (Tab...I know you're out there...)

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