Re: Webfont compression

John Daggett wrote:
> Richard Fink wrote:
>> The New EOT format is basically simple and it will bring web fonts to
>> more users faster than any other approach. This being what I meant by
>> the main positive of the New EOT.
> I don't think any new web font format should be saddled with legacy
> issues from the EOT format and Microsoft's implementation of it.  We
> should be striving for a simple way that all browsers can support
> @font-face interoperably, not a way to make web fonts work in IE6.
> John

Of course the *simplest* way for all browsers to support @font-face 
interoperably would be for all to support @font-face linking of normal, 
"raw" font files already supported by the operating environments. Isn't 
this discussion only going on because MS and font vendors insist on 
something different or more complicated?

- CF

Received on Thursday, 23 July 2009 11:11:56 UTC