Re: the truth which dare not speak it's name

On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 11:32 AM, Christopher Fynn<> wrote:
> A business might commission a font as part of its "image" or "branding" and
> just like their trademark or logo they may want to protect it in order to
> keep it exclusive.
> While this is a concern I'm not sure if it is a real issue. If someone uses
> a font they have exclusive rights to on their website, and then someone else
> copies and uses it on their own website, or in a publication, couldn't the
> first party take legal action against the second just like they could if
> somebody used their trademark?

The first party which owns the font is then in much the same situation
as a font vendor policing unauthorized usage. It's just a bit easier
for them, as pretty much any usage other than their own (or that of
agents working on their behalf, should be obvious) is presumably



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