Re: Partial fonts

On Jul 6, 2009, at 4:52 PM, Richard Fink wrote:

> Thomas and Erik,
> Along the lines of Erik's "partial font" idea, what about custom  
> naming? I
> can crack open a font and name it Bluefish WebDust. Or GWDFRHYU.  
> Then all I
> have to do is declare the font with that name using @font-face in  
> the CSS.
> It would seem to me that a would-be "font borrower" (Hah!) might  
> lose some
> trust in the integrity of that file if such were the case.
> Do you see any glaring problems arising from that approach to  
> obfuscation?
> Anybody else see an unwanted technical problem in that?

We had a discussion about that on www-style (before the conversation  
was moved over here). I commented here:


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