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On Mon, 2009-07-06 at 18:30 +0000, Sylvain Galineau wrote:
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> >From: Thomas Lord []
> >I interpolate, reasonably I think, that such unauthorized
> >use would be objectionable to these vendors because it
> >would lower the use value of renting a font from them.
> >If that is not the main concern, let me know.
> He is letting you know and you keep ignoring it. Do not be surprised if
> others end up giving you the same treatment.

Time and again we heard that restrictive-license font
vendors would like to allow their fonts on the web
but not in TTF/OTF.  This was explained along the lines
that putting those fonts on the web in TTF/OTF would
lead to widespread unauthorized use.

Now, you appear to contradict what we've heard.  You
appear to say that such unauthorized use is of no
concern to font vendors.

If what you now say is what we should believe,
then surely neither the font vendors or Microsoft
retain any principled objection to a Recommendation
that includes a requirement for TTF/OTF support.

Is that your position?

Perhaps you mean that the font vendors have some concern
*other than* the price of license rents.  If so, that
is a novel concept and perhaps you could articulate
what that *other* concern might be.


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