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Re: The other party in all this

From: Tal Leming <tal@typesupply.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 14:48:34 -0400
Cc: "'John Hudson'" <tiro@tiro.com>, <www-font@w3.org>, <jdaggett@mozilla.com>, <robert@ocallahan.org>, <howcome@opera.com>
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To: rfink@readableweb.com

On Jul 6, 2009, at 1:43 PM, Richard Fink wrote:

> Tal, you're right. Nobody knows. But upon who else would the risk be  
> upon
> except the producer of the font?

You seem to be missing my point. I brought it up to explain why font  
makers are concerned about raw OTF/TTF. I'm not saying that the risk  
could go anywhere else given the technology that is being discussed.

> And the question posted on Typophile is this:

I'm sorry. I don't follow Typophile. Very few professional font  
designers have time to follow it on a day-to-day basis. Typophile is  
very good for many things, but using it as a quick barometer of the  
professional font developer world is not one of them.

> Now, I found this question a little too passive for my taste. And I  
> crafted
> my own which appears at the tail end of this response. You see, I  
> would
> rather hear a small percentage of font vendors voice an enthusiastic  
> "Yes"
> to MY question, than a foot-dragging, tepid "Yeah. OK. If that's the  
> best we
> can do..." response to Jonathan's question.

It's not a simple yes or no question, plus it was a holiday weekend  
here in the US, plus not many type designers are subscribed to this  
list ("I don't have the stomach for it." is the reason most often  
given. I can't say that I blame them.), plus many type designers are  
waiting to see what the browser developers say, plus there are some  
implementation questions, etc.

For what it is worth, I sent Jonathan my response off-list along with  
some questions about the ZOT format. And, I spent an afternoon over  
the weekend writing a ZOT encoder.

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