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>On Fri, 2009-07-03 at 01:10 +0000, Sylvain Galineau wrote:
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>> >PS Tomorrow is a holiday in the US; it's also the beginning of a
>> >weeklong vacation for me.  I'll be less vocal during the next week.
>> >Appreciated, I'm sure.  :)
>> Which reminds me I took today off. Doh.
>> Given that Thomas Lord just called me "ma'am" I think this is as good
>a time as any to wish all of you in the US an excellent July 4th.
>> Until next time.
>I would only second the wish for a good 4th of July
>and add that there is no automatic insult in being
>honestly mistaken for a gender other than the one
>one identifies with.
Where do I state or imply that was insulting vs. we're wading so deep in assumptions we can't get anything straight anymore  ?
Having my honesty gratuitously questioned is, however, potentially insulting. I think my original message made it quite clear which part of your language was questionable:

" ...Flatly asserting dishonesty is cheap, which probably explains why it's ineffective."

But then you're the honest debater so you knew that, right ?

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