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>On Thu, 2009-07-02 at 19:30 +0000, Sylvain Galineau wrote:
>> As for font vendors, it is up to them to state whether their goals are
>satisfied by this or that proposal.
>As an observer to this ongoing discussion, I can't help but wonder what
>would happen in this scenario, if the type foundries were replaced by
>music companies?
>To my mind, both are similarly corporations involved in the practice of
>creating value from intellectual property.  Would a Sony or an EMI have
>been given as much credence or opportunity to consult?
>As a web-developer, I feel that this discussion should be able to focus
>on providing a format and a solution which satisfies the users and
>builders of the web, above the needs and desires of corporations who
>stand to create value from the marketplace.
>I believe this format-war is a complete red-herring.
>Font-foundries, learn from the mistakes of the record industry.  DRM is
>ineffective - trying to prevent copying is as ridiculous as King Canute
>trying to turn back the tide.  If you follow a service-based model, you
>will make money from the outcome of these discussions regardless of the
>format that's decided upon.
>I apologise for interrupting, however I felt I'd like to make this
I'm not aware of any music industry proposal that only required minor, openly-specified
obfuscation of their files. For all the rhetoric on this mailing list and others, font
vendors are not asking for DRM. They never did.

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