RE: Fonts WG Charter feedback

Also sprach Chris Wilson:

 > Microsoft would prefer that a group including font vendors, web
 > designers, and user agent implementers work together to come up
 > with a solution that respects the needs of all (including the needs
 > that EOT did not meet for the other browser vendors, BTW).

User Agent implementors are here. Web Designers are here. And we
seemed to find common ground on the original proposal from Ascender, a
font vendor.

Now, it appears that Ascender have changed their mind; to "use
commercial fonts today", they revised their proposal. Their argument
[1] is only about timing, so one must presume they're still
comfortable with their original proposal.

Therefore, it seems that all stakeholders that you mention are
comfortable with Ascender's original proposal. Still, you dismiss it.
Are there other reasons why you cannot support the outlined

Also, could you share with us the communication between MS and
Ascender between their first and second proposal?


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Received on Thursday, 2 July 2009 18:05:50 UTC