RE: Fonts WG Charter feedback

Håkon Wium Lie wrote:
>Not so. I've indicated willingness to find a compromise:

Your "compromise" still includes the one "feature" that we (and font vendors) have said isn't acceptable - direct TTF/OTF linking.

>The only thing I ask for from MS is that you also commit to support
>TT/OT linking in IE, like you do in other products. This will require
>an hour or so of your time.
>Will you do it?


As for other products, if a format was available that was clearly for documents and application embedding, I would expect Silverlight would want to support it also, and phase out TTF-wrapped-in-an-XBAP, because that new format could be linked even in loose files AND would work for (at least some) commercial fonts.


Received on Wednesday, 1 July 2009 22:35:55 UTC