Agenda: DOM3 Events Telcon, 21 April 2010


We will be holding the next DOM3 Events telcon on Wednesday, 13 October 
2010, at 17:00-18:00 UTC. [1]  Please adjust for your local time.

We meet on both phone and IRC.

   IRC channel: #webapps on (that's port 6665, not the 
   Conference code: (we will have to get an ad hoc conference code...
                             please meet on IRC channel to get the code)
   Duration: 1 hour

* discussion of UI Independence for ARIA proposal [1], ISSUE-135 (30 
* overview of UIScrollRequestEvent, UIValueChangeRequestEvent, and 
DOMAttributeChangeRequestEvent interfaces [2] (10 minutes)
* 'beforeInput' proposal [3], ISSUE-121 (10 minutes)
* MouseEvent.getCoordsAt [4], ISSUE-136 (10 minutes)
* other Last Call issues [5]

We are inviting some of the WAI Protocols and Formats WG to discuss 
these issues with us.  We have many issues to cover, so we will be 
adhering to a strict queue for this telcon.

There are two separate proposals to add features to DOM3 Events to get 
editing actions, the UIRequestEvent Interface (with events like 
'UndoRequest', 'RedoRequest', 'EscapeRequest', and 'DeleteRequest') [2], 
and the 'beforeInput' proposal [3], which have some overlap in intent 
and use cases.

Note also that HTML5 defines editing actions and APIs [6], specifically 
the UndoManager interface [7].

I would ask that participants in the call should please familiarize 
themselves with these proposals and drafts beforehand, so we don't have 
to go too far into them in the limited time we have for the telcon.

Given that there are many edge cases to work out and competing proposals 
to reconcile, and that we are late in the process for large changes to 
DOM3 Events, my current inclination as editor is to suggest that we 
discuss all of these proposals as a single cohesive whole, with close 
examination of use cases, and come up with a separate spec that 
addresses these issues, which is built on top of DOM3 Events and HTML5's 
existing infrastructure.  If resources are allocated to this task, it 
could be done in just as short a time as if the same issues were 
addressed for inclusion in DOM3 Events, and without slowing down DOM3 


-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

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