Re: Comments on DOM level 2

On 8 Oct 99, at 7:33, Rick Jelliffe wrote:

> 1) DOM level 2 should provide better support for ID attributes.
> This could be done by
>     * creating a new constant for the whatToShow attribute of the
>     nodeIterator interface called  SHOW_ELEMENT_WITH_ID, or
>     * adding a required iterator+filter to the document and 
>     documentFragment interfaces.
> It may be that some method must be provided which declares that
> a particular attribute is an ID attribute. It would be prudent to
> allow as parameters: the namespace URI, the attribute name,
> a possible null list of elements in the same namespace that the
> attribute belongs to.

The DOM WG discussed this and decided to wait for the DTD 
support that will be part of Level 3 for this.

>     * Also, some method such as "getElementByID()" should be
>     provided on the document and documentFragment nodes.

Added for Document; we'd want a good use case for  
DocumentFragment, or indeed any Node, since the cost of 
implementation could be quite high.

>     * Also, some method such as "setElementID()" should be
>     provided on element nodes.

Will  also be tackled when we have DTD support.

> 2) DOM level 2 should not require lexical-checking for URIs,
> system and public identifiers, and XML names, except at some
> user-supplied option. 

The DOM currently does not do such checking except for XML 
Names; the rest will be in Level 3.


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