Re: splitText()

On 1 Nov 99, at 17:54, wrote:

> >Am I correct to assume that when splitText() is called on a
> >CDATASection node, the return value (new node created) should be a
> >CDATASection node rather than a simple Text node?
> Good question, and good catch.
> Given that we've now moved splitText down to characterData -- which is also
> the ancestor of Comment -- I think I agree that the description needs to be
> updated. And I think you're probably right about the implication that split
> should create another node of the same type as the node which is being
> split.

Um, we haven't moved splitText at all, it's still on the Text interface. 
Changed the wording to clarify that indeed, splitting a 
CDATASection node should give you a new CDATASection node.


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