Re: Comments on DOM level 2

Lauren Wood wrote:
> > 2) DOM level 2 should not require lexical-checking for URIs,
> > system and public identifiers, and XML names, except at some
> > user-supplied option.
> The DOM currently does not do such checking except for XML
> Names; the rest will be in Level 3.

Speaking of which ...

How does DOM know whether to accept or reject a name based
on namespace support?

Consider two legal XML 1.0 names:

    "prefix:local" ...
	- Illegal in PI names when XML Namespaces support is in use

	- Possibly illegal as an element or attribute name if
	  the prefix is undeclared (no "xmlns:prefix" attribute
	  in scope)

    ":" ...
	- Illegal anywhere when XML Namespaces support is in use

Is the assumption that namespaces always be used ... or is
that an application's choice?  If it's the application's choice
there needs to be some API whereby the DOM can be told so, and
which then will perform additional error checks for cases such
ast hose above.

- Dave

Received on Wednesday, 8 December 1999 14:27:14 UTC