Re: DOM DOM binding considered harmful, discriminates againstopen source

>> Note that the same result can usually be accomplished (in Java, at
>> by declaring a new set of interfaces, in the new package, which inherit
>> from and override/extend the standard DOM API. That avoids needing to
>> copy/alter the existing W3C bindings, and makes the relationship between
>> your subclass and the standard DOM explicit.

>Unfortunately not.  You cannot load a subinterface without loading its
>superinterface(s), so they become part of the source of the program.

No more so than the programming language's standard libraries. Those are
used by the open source project, but not distributed with it nor claimed to
be part of it. I would expect that shipping the DOM bindings separately
would put them in the same category.

However, I Am Not A Lawyer. Few (none?) of us are. They're the ones who
will have to straighten this out.

I move we table this discussion until the legal eagles have given us some
facts to argue about... <smile/>

Joe Kesselman  / IBM Research

Received on Wednesday, 10 November 1999 10:37:37 UTC