CSS: resolved and unresolved issues.

Here is an answer for comments on the CSS OM draft. If I missed
a comment in the dom public mailing list, please, let me know. 

>  - If no media are specified, what is the media attribute?  I suggest it
>    be created automatically with one item: "all".  If not, then it could
>    have length 0 and cssText of "".  I think making it null would be a
>    bad idea.

The MediaList could be empty :
'An empty list is the same as a list that contains the medium "all".'

>  - How do media and disabled interact?

'A stylesheet only applies if both an appropriate medium definition is present
and the disabled attribute is false. So, if the media doesn't apply to the
current user agent, the disabled attribute is ignored.'

> MediaList has a property: cssText
> StyleSheet has a property: media
> i understand that both must belong to the style sheet dom and not the css dom;
> yet the  MediaList property 'cssText' breaks the implementation independent
> nature of the stylesheet dom.
> it would make more sense to remove the 'cssText' property from MediaList;
> instead put it in something like the following class under the css dom.

The cssText has been renamed to mediaText.

Issues from http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-dom/1999JulSep/0105.html
are still unresolved.


Received on Tuesday, 16 November 1999 10:04:54 UTC