Re: DOM DOM binding considered harmful,discriminates against open source

>> Note that the same result can usually be accomplished (in Java, at
>> by declaring a new set of interfaces, in the new package, which inherit
>> from and override/extend the standard DOM API.

>That's only "the same result" at a technical level, when the interface is
>intended to be compatible ... things like "improved" APIs (lighter weight,
>perhaps server oriented, removing perceived misfeatures) are precluded.

At that point you're talking about nonconforming implementations. The way
I'd recommend dealing with that is to implement the DOM API as it stands
or whatever's appropriate) whenever necessary. Again, that avoids the need
to modify the existing interface. The upside is that you can reuse code
which references these calls but in your application never actually invokes
them. The downside is that if it _does_ invoke them, you only find out
about this at runtime.

(I did exactly this recently, when we needed something which was
DOM-compatable but had constraints that kept it from being fully

Joe Kesselman  / IBM Research

Received on Wednesday, 10 November 1999 10:03:09 UTC