Re: splitText() and well-formedness

Good question. The answer is "Not yet."

The issue of
     Document.createCDATASection ("]]>");
     Document.createComment ("--");
has existed since DOM Level 1; there's existing language which points out
that serializing a DOM out to XML syntax may require some care (breaking
the "]]>" across two successive CDATA Sections, for example).

There may be legitimate reasons to store something like this into the DOM
as an intermediate stage of processing, so there are serious questions
about when and how these well-formedness violations should be reported.
That design may wind up overlapping strongly with our design for

Level 2 is no worse than Level 1 in this regard, and solving it properly
really wants more attention than we can give it at this time. This issue
has been deferred to  Level 3.

Joe Kesselman  / IBM Research

Received on Thursday, 4 November 1999 09:01:30 UTC