Intent to make a Debian package with DOM Java bindings

Dear W3 DOM members,

I write to you as the author of the DOM Java binding package. I plan to make
a Debian package of DOM Java binding and I would like your authorization and
some details.

What is Debian?  

Debian is a specific *distribution* of the Linux operating system. It
is a set of programs, based on the same policy, regarding placement
of files, etc, which can be installed without compiling anything. My
personal opinion is that Debian is the best Linux distribution available
and certainly the easiest to manage, thanks to its packaging system. You
can have more information at <>.

What is a Debian package?  

A package is a binary archive of a program (or a closely related group
of programs) which owners of a Debian system can install or remove
easily, by one command. Files in the package are arranged according to
the Debian policy, so the user is certain to find the documentation in
/usr/doc/lib-dom-java, the configuration files in /etc and so on.

Packages are made by volunteers like me which take an existing
program, patch it if necessary and describes the rules that make it

What do I need?  

I would like your authorization, and please, if you say yes,
keep me informed of future versions so I can update the package.

I would like to know, in the case of agreement, in which section
to put the package. We (Debian) have a "main" section where
all the software which meet the Debian Free Software Guidelines
<> go. A "non-free"
section is available for the programs which, in one way or the other,
fail to meet these requirements but can still be distributed, at least via
the Internet.

I am not sure we can put the Java bindings in "main". The licence 
<> says 
"No right to create modifications or derivatives is granted pursuant 
to this license." which seems to exclude freedom to modify. I understand
that DOM is intended to be normative and therefore not modified at will,
and that the Java bindings are not a real program but more a formal 
specification but it still bothers me. For instance, the Debian packaging
itself is a modification, no? Any advice?

Stephane Bortzmeyer <>

Received on Friday, 5 November 1999 09:05:40 UTC