Re: splitText() wrote:
> Given that we've now moved splitText down to characterData

Hmm, that'd be in a non-public draft; the latest DOM L2 has
only Text.splitText().  It doesn't move that method "up" (!)
in the hierarchy.  What was the rationale for that change?

Re the original question (does splitting a CDATA node
make a new text node or a new CDATA node), that also
calls to mind few more questions:

	Document.createCDATASection ("]]>");
	Document.createComment ("--");

Those examples -- and countless related ones where the
offending string has other characters before or after
it, possibly including those strings -- would appear to
create DOM documents which violate basic XML syntax.
Ditto appending such text to a CDATA section or comment
(or appending "-" to a comment ending in "-", etc).

But those createXXX() methods don't have ways to report
any exceptions.  Shouldn't L2 stipulate that such calls
report some sort of DOMException?

- Dave

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