Re: Bug 11239

On Fri, 29 Apr 2011, Joe D Williams wrote:
> > leading to the feature being never implemented but wasting UA
> implementor time trying.
> from the peanut gallery, all this work attempting to make @canvas interactive,
> let alone accessible sure seems to me to be beyond reasonable definition of
> what this simple direct api was meant to be. Anyone tryingt to implement all
> this pointing and interactive stuff using that api either has not looked at
> realistic apis for interactive graphics or has such a bundle of what must be
> very stressful programming invested into a technology that is simpy not
> 'there' for interactive appications. Wht happens, for instance, when WebGL is
> used? Will any of the proposed accessibility stuffs still work?
> This concept of a graphics editor or a text editor is sooo far from the
> original and still very usefull intent of @canvas that ... well it seems
> almost funny to me unless it was time and materials contract and the buyer was
> very intent on proving a point.
> Anything past using an image map (even if the map could be live and changable)
> on the canvas is truly fruitless with the direct canvas drawing api. Further,
> trying to do some of the pointing and selecting stuff as I am seeing described
> using SVG, WebGL, or even X3D from the outside of the canvas is beyond where I
> would enjoy being - much easier to do it inside.
> Please excuse this comment if there is something I am missing and all this is
> actually really simple and productive to implement and author.

I don't think you're missing anything. Everything you say above is exactly 
correct. Many of us have been saying the same thing for months now. We get 
dismissed as not caring about people with accessibility needs.

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