Re: [whatwg] Creative Commons Rights Expression Language

Le 25 août 2008 à 16:56, Kristof Zelechovski a écrit :
> I can see no way for scientific journals to include RDFa information  
> in HTML
> because they usually do not use HTML as a primary medium.  They have  
> their
> own established ways to express information about published content;  
> their
> HTML counterpart, if any, should use HTML+CSS to do it the same way.
> The gain from including license information about bibliographic  
> references
> is actually a loss (of clarity) to me.  This information should be  
> available
> where the referenced publication appears, not where it is referenced.

Been there, done that.
You should read about

* Science Commons
* Peer Review debate from Nature
* At articles repositories such as
   + the thousands of personal pages where share the list of their  

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