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(Mostly) Editorial edits of SOAP 1.2 spec

Copyright of DOM Tests

danbri xml proc notes

De-pinking edits...

Editorial issues on latest SOAP 1.2 spec

Example 24

Example for section 5.2.3

Example for Section 5.3

Example in Section 4.2.1

Examples for Section 5.2.1

Examples for section 5.2.2

Examples for section 5.4.1

Examples for Section A.1

Examples for Section A.2

Examples in Section 1.3

Examples in Section 5.2

existential/conjunctive semantics (fwd)

Fwd: Re: Open source organization

I take the baton (was: De-pinking edits...)

I've uploaded an updated spec

Inference in daml

License List -- as of 9-11-00

New version of spec

New version of spec online

position paper for XML Processing workshop

Problems with sax2rdf.py

relativeURI Patch

Resource Description Framework (RDF) Model and Syntax Specification

Resource Description Framework (RDF) Schema Specification 1.0

Toward a Simple XML Processing Model

Uncommitted editorial changes for SOAP v1.2

Updated Envelope Schema document

useful cygwin ssh-agent script

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