De-pinking edits...

Below is the list of 'de-pinking' I've done. I don't see any pink in the doc

The doc is uploaded at[1] ( I'm still not sure about the CVS deal, so I used
a different URI, I hope this doesn't cause anyone any problems, if it does,
my apologies... )

I get 403 - Forbidden when I de-ref the URI :-( perhaps Hugo/Yves can fix
that. Just in case they can't I've put another copy at[2]

I'm not sure how to update the change log here. Henrik made the changes (
but they don't appear in the change log ). They're pretty much all
rewording/types/clarifications. I've not updated the change log with these
changes. If people feel we should update the change log with some or all of
these changes then please either go ahead and update the change log ( feel
free to use my initials! ) or I'll update the change log if people would
prefer that.

I release the lock. If Marc or Jean-Jacques could let me know when they've
got the file at[2] I'll delete it ( currently publically accesible ( not
that anyone is likely to guess the URI ))




Changes made:

1.    removed e-mail addresses from editors names

2.    Added Sections 9.1 and 9.2 to TOC

Section 1

3.    Changed 'encoding data within modules' to 'encoding application
defined data'

4.    Changed 'In addition to the SOAP envelope, the SOAP encoding
rules and the SOAP RPC conventions, t' to 'This
specification defines two SOAP bindings...'

Section 1.2

5.    Removed 'XMLP/'

6.    Added 'Editorial notes are indicated with yellow background
(may not appear in all media) and prefixed with "Ednote".'

Section 1.3

6.    Changed 'entry' to 'block'

7.    Removed 'are'

8.    Changed namespace prefix 'm' to 'n' on alertcontrol element and
descendants in example 1

9.    Added the text 'As in the previous example, the
GetLastTradePrice element is not defined by SOAP itself.'

10.    Amended prose describing Example 2

Section 1.4.2

11.    Added 'A block
      encapsulated within the <a href="#g210">SOAP header</a> is called a
      header block and a block encapsulated within a <a href="#g200">SOAP
      body</a> is called a body block.</p>' to description of SOAP block

12.    Changed 'or' to 'of'

Section 2.1

13.    Replaced entire text

Section 2.2

14.    Added text beginning with 'While the purpose of a SOAP actor name is
to identify' to paragraph which previously began 'SOAP Actors MAY be named
with a'

Section 2.3

15.    Changed 'entry' to 'block'

16.    Changed 'header' to 'header block'

Section 2.4

17.    Changed 'header' to 'header block'

Section 2.5

18.    Changed 'header' to 'header block'

Section 3

19.    Updated namespace list text and added prose referencing schema

20.    Changed 'uri-reference' to 'anyURI'

Section 4.1.2

21.    Amended text

Section 4.2

22.    Changed 'module' to 'node'

Section 4.2.1

23.    Changed example caption

Section 4.2.2

24.    Added 'Ednote: ' prefix to Ednote

25.    Changed 'XMLP' to 'SOAP'

Section 4.2.3

26.    Added 'Ednote: ' prefix to Ednote

27.    Added ', which means processing the block is optional' to end of
mustUnderstand description

Section 4.4

28.    Removed 'Other SOAP fault sub-elements MAY be present, provided they
are namespace-qualified'

Section 4.4.1

29.    Changed example caption

Section 4.4.2

30.    Changed 'entry' to 'block'

31.    Changed 'header' to 'header block'

32.    Changed example caption

33.    Removed 'A schema document for the namespace can be found at... ' and
associated ednote

Section 7.2

34.    Changed 'entry' to 'block'

Section 9

35.    Added section 9.1 and 9.2. Removed old references section.

Appendix C

36.    Added 'Ednote: ' prefix to Ednote

37.    Changed 'module' to 'extension'

38.    Changed example caption

39.    Removed 'A schema document for the namespace can be found at... ' and
associated ednote

40.    Assorted other changes ( adding 'version' etc )

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