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Yapps is just what I needed today Dan Connolly (Saturday, 1 September)

Re: anonymous object jos.deroo.jd@belgium.agfa.com (Friday, 31 August)

Use of XMLspec for the specs generating invalid HTML Hugo Haas (Thursday, 30 August)

cwm BUG: experience global doesn't work from rdfn3bot.py application Dan Connolly (Thursday, 30 August)

Issue 118 not quite closed Hugo Haas (Thursday, 30 August)

Re: [xmlp-comments] <none> Hugo Haas (Tuesday, 28 August)

[TBTF] References to proposals David Fallside (Monday, 27 August)

Resolution of XMLP issue 107 Hugo Haas (Monday, 27 August)

Open XMLP issues that could be closed Hugo Haas (Monday, 27 August)

scribey threading additions 2.0 Aaron Swartz (Friday, 24 August)

scribe bot diffs Aaron Swartz (Friday, 24 August)

scribe bot diffs: threading Aaron Swartz (Friday, 24 August)

Scribe Bot Patches: adds join/part, binding default prefix Aaron Swartz (Tuesday, 21 August)

soap rdfq hack for chump Dan Brickley (Sunday, 19 August)

Re: TBTF: Proposal for a binding framework Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 16 August)

XTM Instance Data Eric Miller (Thursday, 16 August)

RDF Topicmap schema Eric Miller (Thursday, 16 August)

XML Protocol and Axioms of Web Architecture Aaron Swartz (Wednesday, 15 August)

Thoughts on Web Services Aaron Swartz (Wednesday, 15 August)

Re: [waldinge@kestrel.edu: Re: Yet another proposal] Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 14 August)

Re: A use case for anon nodes - action from telecon jos.deroo.jd@belgium.agfa.com (Monday, 13 August)

SWIPT Query Data Sean B. Palmer (Sunday, 12 August)

js-SOAP in non IE browsers? Dan Brickley (Friday, 10 August)

RFD query bof at SWWS Libby Miller (Tuesday, 7 August)

RDF query bof, revised cc list Libby Miller (Tuesday, 7 August)

python soap client, rdfqc.py Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 8 August)

soap rdfq server basics Dan Brickley (Monday, 6 August)

quick snapshot of rdf query soap client (java) Dan Brickley (Monday, 6 August)

quick snapshot of rdfquery soap client (perl) Dan Brickley (Monday, 6 August)

RDFCore F2F day 2: RDF Schema session notes Dan Brickley (Monday, 6 August)

RDF doc from day 2 rdff2f (fwd) Dan Brickley (Monday, 6 August)

experimental SOAP interfaces for Inkling; serialization of hashtables... Dan Brickley (Monday, 6 August)

Euler and rdfs:subPropertyOf jos.deroo.jd@belgium.agfa.com (Sunday, 5 August)

RDFCore F2F IRC LOG 2/Aug/2001 Brian McBride (Saturday, 4 August)

RDFCore F2F IRC Log 1/Aug/2001 Brian McBride (Saturday, 4 August)

ARP Parser Test Results Aaron Swartz (Thursday, 2 August)

rdf schema notes Dan Brickley (Thursday, 2 August)

RDF anon node use case Graham Klyne (Wednesday, 1 August)

irc Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 1 August)

dc notes Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 1 August)

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