Re: Publishing Design Principles in Addition to Publishing the HTML5 Spec or Specs

On Aug 2, 2009, at 3:39 AM, Laura Carlson wrote:

> Hi Sam,
> You wrote to John [1]:
>> The way I would prefer to proceed with issues like this is for people
>> like yourself to draft an even-toned text expressing the fact that  
>> this
>> is an "open issue" (indicated in red boxes in the document, and  
>> marked
>> up with class="XXX") and for the draft to be published after this has
>> been added to the document.  By even toned, I mean that things like
>> "unresolved" and "direct contradiction with WCAG 2 Guidance" are  
>> fine,
> In addition to publishing the spec or specs I suggest publishing the
> Design Principles with an appropriate "open issue" marker, noting the
> concern regarding the accessibility principle, if Maciej does not
> incorporate the requested changes [2] [3].

I don't think the Design Principles document is ready for a new  
Working Draft at this time - I have some pending comments to review  
before it's worth republishing. Right now the changes from the last  
draft are minor and do not include some of the larger planned  

> The following is suggested text for the notice:
> "The meaning of accessibility in the accessibility design principle
> conflicts with the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative's meaning of
> accessibility. [4] Other related unresolved issues have been
> identified regarding the accessibility principle."

WAI is welcome to publish a document stating that they disagree with  
the Design Principles document. As a non-member of WAI, I don't think  
it's my place to express their position. However, I would advise  
waiting for the next round of changes in response to feedback.

I would also appreciate if you could explain the conflict. It looks  
like the Design Principles are in alignment with your reference for  
WAI's definition:

"Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can use the  
Web... Web accessibility also benefits people without  
disabilities..."  - WAI
"Design features to be accessible to users with disabilities. Access  
by everyone regardless of ability is essential..." - HTML Design  

If you'd like, I can include the exact words from WAI above in the  
Accessibility priniciple.


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