Re: Publishing Design Principles in Addition to Publishing the HTML5 Spec or Specs

Hi  Maciej,

> I don't think the Design Principles document is ready for a new
> Working Draft at this time - I have some pending comments to review
> before it's worth republishing. Right now the changes from the last
> draft are minor and do not include some of the larger planned
> improvements.

I look forward to the large substantive improvements. Suggested text
and comments are at:

> However, I would advise
> waiting for the next round of changes in response to feedback.

That’s fine.

> I would also appreciate if you could explain the conflict. It looks
> like the Design Principles are in alignment with your reference for
> WAI's definition:

That was previously explained at:

> "Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can use the
> Web... Web accessibility also benefits people without
> disabilities..."  - WAI
> "Design features to be accessible to users with disabilities. Access
> by everyone regardless of ability is essential..." - HTML Design
> Principles
> If you'd like, I can include the exact words from WAI above in the
> Accessibility priniciple.

Using WAI’s meaning would be a big improvement. A combination of the
two above would be clearer. Something like:

“We will design features to be accessible to users with disabilities
in order that they can use the web. Web accessibility may also benefit
people without disabilities.”

As previously said, the danger of distorting the meaning of
*accessibility* to mean everyone is that discussions can quickly
degenerate to pandering to people's whims, rather than real issues
that affect people with disabilities.

Best Regards,

Laura L. Carlson

Received on Sunday, 2 August 2009 16:39:17 UTC