Re: Acessibility of <audio> and <video>

David Poehlman wrote:
> Actually, unless you cover all the variables, it will most likely prove your 
> first #2.  Not all browsers support longdesc and maybe even not all 
> assistive technologies recognize it as such?

Then that is just further evidence against the use of longdesc. 
Although I was under the impression that recent versions of screen 
readers do have support for it, if it's still not supported by widely 
used versions after a decade of being in HTML4, I really don't think 
it's worth waiting even longer for it to be supported on the video 
element too.  However, I wouldn't object to the study being performed by 
users with screen readers that are known to support longdesc, as long as 
each individual used their own normal settings and preferences, to avoid 
biasing the test in anyway.

Lachlan Hunt - Opera Software

Received on Thursday, 4 September 2008 22:49:56 UTC