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James Craig wrote:

> Speaking of getting around accessibility policies, I like to think 
> that's not out of intentional subversion, but out of pure ignorance. If 
> I assume it's intentional misdirection, I get bitter and start to lose 
> faith in humanity.

My experience of the tender process really pre-dates the mass market 
internet, and therefore the web.  Although I don't think this is the 
best example, an example I can think of is a policy that all development 
must be in Ada.  It was almost always possible for the buyer to get a 
dispensation from this if they liked the supplier.  As a bidder, the 
company I was with didn't really worry much about this requirement.

In the accessibility stakes, I am sure dispensations are often awarded 
if the buyer believes that enforcing the accessibility guidelines will 
compromise profitability or cash flow.  Cash flow is the worst, as it 
will lead to accessibility being deferred until you are no longer 
rushing to market, which tends never to happen.
David Woolley
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