Raw minutes from 21 Feb 2002 UAWG teleconference

UAWG teleconference
21 Feb 2002

Agenda announcement:

Participants: Jon Gunderson (Chair), Ian Jacobs (Scribe), Rich
Schwerdtfeger, David Poehlman

Absent: Tim Lacy, Harvey Bingham, Lee Bateman, Jim Allan, Denis Anson

[We noted that there may have been mail problems because some
people did not get the agenda. However, the meeting time
was listed on the UAWG home page and announced in previous

Previous meeting: 14 February 2002

Next meeting:
   - 14 March at 1pm ET (not 2pm ET)
   - Optional: On 14 March at 2pm ET, we have been invited
     to attend the QAWG teleconference to talk about test

Reference document 12 September Candidate Recommendation:


1. Revised IPR provision of UAWG charter

IJ discussed changes to the UAWG charter that simplify
the language and refer to the Current Patent Practice

Revised Action Items:

TL and RS:
  Let Ian know about IPR requirements in new charter by 28 February

2. Implementation Report Update

IJ: New Mozilla report:

RS: I think that requiring two implementations of each feature
     of UAAG 1.0 is asking too much.

DP: I have most of work done on my review of IE 6 with Jaws for
Windows 4.01 on Windows XP. Should be ready by next Tuesday.

IJ: I will meet with Tantek Celik re: Mac IE next week.

IJ: All of this data gathering will help us make decisions about
how to move forward with the document. Please continue to ask people
to evaluate products and find existing implementations.

JG: By next week, I will have:
  a) Integrated reviews
  b) Updated report structure

3. Next meeting: 14 March

JG: Please note: We will meet at 1pm ET rather than 2pm ET so
    that people can meet with the W3C QA Working Group to talk
    about test suites.

JG: We will talk about extent of implementation experience
on 14 March, having incorporated all the reviews we have
into the implementation report.

4. Internet Explorer Comm Bands and Browser Helper Objects

JG: Refer to student project on BHO's.
     Apologies: The document is not very accessible.

    a. Outline view (Band Object)
       MAP elements
    b. Navigation and activation of mouse event handlers
       with the keyboard (popup)
    c. Dynamic application of user style sheets (popup)

JG: These should get us some more checkpoint implementation

JG: When done, I will send URIs to people who can
download and test this software.

Completed Action Items

IJ: Ask JB about Flash (Macromedia) review
Status: Judy reports that she has not had additional contact.

IJ: Forward information on Test Suites to QA working group
Done. Discussion 14 March with QAWG?

IJ: Ping Jonny Axelson about Opera 6
Done. Report will be available soon.

Open Action Items

TL and JG: Review initial implementation report for IE 6.0 '
and comment
Source: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-ua/2001JulSep/0191

HB: Contact ION Systems for a review of their e-reader with
UAAG guidelines
Source: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-ua/2001OctDec/0082

DP: Jaws 4.01 and IE 6.0 evaluation

Ian Jacobs (ij@w3.org)   http://www.w3.org/People/Jacobs
Tel:                     +1 718 260-9447

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