MINUTES: W3C User Agent Teleconference 29 November 2001

[13:06] *** Now talking in #UA
[13:06] *** TimLa has joined #ua
[13:06] <jongund> Tim joins the call
[13:06] <jongund> Jim joins the call
[13:07] <jongund> Jon updates on charter, no news
[13:08] <jongund> We will probably wait until other documents are up to 
date to set charter timelines
[13:08] <IanPPWG> I haven't heard from Judy on charter stuff.
[13:08] <IanPPWG> Hi Tim.
[13:08] <jongund> Jim is there any news on the UAAG vs. 508
[13:08] * IanPPWG didn't have time given his meetings this week to work on 
comparison document.
[13:09] <jongund> Jim did a bunch of changes, sent to katie
[13:09] <jongund> JA: Has not heard from Katie
[13:09] <IanPPWG> Jim, it would be good to send changes to the ua list so 
that they are archived, available to others.
[13:11] <jongund> Tim is there a way we could coordinate on getting the IE 
review reviewed?
[13:11] <jongund> Tim is checking his schedule
[13:12] *** HB has joined #ua
[13:12] <HB> Harvey here
[13:12] <jongund> Tim says that he and Ron can meet on Monday at 12:00 CST 
to review IE review
[13:12] <IanPPWG> I will be meeting with Tantek Celik on 11 December to do 
a Mac IE review.
[13:13] <IanPPWG> Also, as soon as I have time, I have a standing 
rendez-vous with Dirk to do Konqueror review.
[13:13] * IanPPWG going to invite Dirk to IRC channel.
[13:13] <jongund> Other concern is UA group participation
[13:14] <jongund> Since CR people have been participating less
[13:14] * IanPPWG notes that Dirk not on IRC at this moment, so won't join.
[13:15] * IanPPWG waves to Harvey
[13:15] <HB> Thought we'd missed you today. I'm learning IRC.
[13:16] <IanPPWG> I'm in two meetings at once.
[13:16] <jongund> We need to increase participation and people taking and 
completing action items
[13:16] <jongund> Judy is working with disability organizations to try to 
increase their advocacy of UAAG and participate in the UAWG
[13:17] <jongund> CUrrent working group memebers if they know of good 
people in disability organizations to send their name to Judy, the list, 
Jon and Ian
[13:18] <jongund> Ian time UAAG will be reduced starting January 1st
[13:18] <jongund> We will have less of his time to work on documents
[13:18] <jongund> It is not clear if we will have additional staff help in 
the near future
[13:19] <jongund> Does anyone here have any ideas on increasing participation?
[13:19] <jongund> HB was hoping to get a review with ION systems, he will 
contact ad do a review (Action HB)
[13:19] <HB> HB action: Contact ION Systems.
[13:20] <jongund> Tim Microsoft already says we already have a large 
[13:21] *** HB has quit IRC
[13:22] <jongund> HB er group was going toward QA group
[13:22] <jongund> HB says er moved stuff to authoring tools
[13:22] <jongund> JA suggestes talking to other groups
[13:23] *** HB has joined #ua
[13:23] <jongund> JA will e-mail stuff when connections come back
[13:24] <jongund> UAWG will move to meeting every other week after the 
first of the year.
[13:25] <HB> IonSystems contact has to await indefinitely till I finish my 
current task,
[13:25] <HB> of which I cannot predict an end. Frustrated? Yes.
[13:27] <jongund> Tim suggests that people go to curtis chong in usability 
[13:30] <jongund> IRC discussion
[13:32] *** TimLa has quit IRC

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