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Raw Minutes: W3C User Agent Teleconference 16 AUgust 2001

From: Jon Gunderson <jongund@uiuc.edu>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 15:04:51 -0500
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To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org
Jon Gunderson
David Poehlman
Loretta Guarino
Harvey Bingham
Tim Lacy
Jim Allan

JRG: FTF Meeting Update
1. Sub topics that we would like to have

a. Assistive compatibility

b. Audio, Video and animation requirements and multi-players

c. Automation tools for testing accessibility features

d. Demos of accessibility features
i. Adobe Acrobat reader
ii. Trident
iii. SVG demo
iv. Windows Media Player (TL)

2. SVG comments
JRG: SVG sending comments next week.  Working group will need to process 
before going to CR.

3. Implementation Report
Discussed implementation report

Implementation report

Checkpoint 5.3

jg: is there a way to configure how a new window opens

tl: no

jg: form submission, information your are sending is not secure. a way to
set for all forms?

tl: no. can set for form submission is redirected.

jg: in trident, will render directory and text source. will it open any
thing else

tl: complex question. if open multimedia file will open plug-in, if word
file will host word inside itself.

jg: if you don't have word, it won't work

tl: looks at file association.

jg: for directories and text, programmatically, how is that information made
available to assistive technology

tl: reverts to note pad, or word pad. to bring up pdf, will embed player and
read it. only msaa if application called supports msaa. directory now
supports msaa.

jg: does IE dom support unicode

tl: supposed to. would be surprised if it does not.

tl: just checked directory availability for assistive technology, it is msaa

** action tl look at implementation report for IE and comment

tl: question: focus selection 5.1 no automatic focus change

jg: content focus moves to new window when it opens. can you configure so
focus does not move to new window.

tl: oh, it is on my list. need to look into this.

jg: encourage group to submit reports. have some hpr, opera, real media.

hb: can we convert what we have into current format.

jg: have an xml report form, submit in this format. then we can plug into
report generator. report designed not to compare products for accessibility.
can make conformance claim for IE plus other things like narrator or
mousekeys. report should be useful for adding comments. this is a public
report and feedback to developers. think about developers when writing
report. format is simple. for each review...give it a title, version #, url,
reviewer, etc. reviews form and rating system....any questions message JG.
still working on DTD.

jg: made xml file to be human readable. DTD is textfile.

hb: having trouble viewing dtd. others not problem.

ja: have you tried this with word perfect.

jg: no. thinking of creating java applet for form submission.

jg: summary reports done in next few days. many columns in summary. when we
generate report, want to determine how much implementation experience we
have with implementation. want to maximize checkpoint score. will also point
out implementation problems. not about scoring user agents or comparing
them, we want implementation.

dp: this is our internal test of guidelines.

jg: director will look at this. need to make meaningful comments, for all
out side of our group.

hb: dtd-rating does not have definition. should this be an element.

jg: discuss problems with dtd with hb.

jg: can anyone do review this week.

dp: working with hpr

** action dp hpr by next Tuesday.

** action ja real media player by next Tuesday.

** action hb opera

** action lg acrobat reader

hb: someone should look at Netscape

** action jg Netscape version X.X (newest)

jg: will update dtd.

tl: xml parser in IE does not do error checking or validation. will see some
variant of content if errors.

hb: opera bombs on xml form. doesn't handle it as a valid document. does not
know about dtd

jg: svg group will be sending response to uaag response.

jg: have meeting in November with director for CR. must have implementation
report, all comments addressed, have time length for CR to gather
implementation experience. time length depends on developers implementing
checkpoints. Must have reports done soon.

jg: forms are well formed, will be dtd for report by next week.

hb: clarify, eval example, comments - 2 per rating.

jg: in template, for things with conditional content (2.3, 8.1), listed the
conditional content, for 8.1 comment about html and css accessibility
information. want to provide good feedback to developers so they know what
to implement, and what to do with content. want to be as detailed as

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