Re: alt tag repair:

to follow up on this, Gregory observed that there was a discussion on
the list and some digging produced the following long uri from which I
have read all the relevant messages finding that indeed, we decided that
the two conditions expressing the author's preference for lack of alt
text by code should be respected as no alt text and not be treated the
same as an image with no alt text.

Looking through the July 31 Draft and techniques, I find that we are
cautioned also against treating the two instances of mark up for images
that signify the null string as though there is no alt text present.

This should apply especially in cases where the primary function of the
ua even though we do not target them is textual or spoken output.

I only raise this as I feel that it is important to consider as we are
now looking at implementation.


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Received on Thursday, 23 August 2001 11:53:46 UTC