PrismaBrowser: self-voicing/low vision browser

PrismaBrowser is a self-voicing browser which also features a "big
character" and "high contrast color" visual display (akin to that offered
by PWWebSpeak) 

to quote from the web site of EKTVision, the developer of PrismaBrowser: 

The use of PrismaBrowser is obtained through the tree control modes.

The first one allows controlling the software only with function keys.

The second one allows to manage all software functions with a voice-based
menu which can be controlled via edit keys like cursor keys, PageUp,
PageDown, etc. This mode allows the total control of PrismaBrowser with
few keys only.

With the third and last mode the user can control the software through a
joypad connected to the game port (it's similar to the previous control

the preceding quote is from the (english) homepage for the PrismaBrowser
which is located at:

currently, PrismBrowser is only available only in italian...  to quote
EKTVision, quote We are translating it into English, French, Detush [sic],
Espagnol [sic] and will be available soon. unquote

a "technical sheet" for PrismBrowser can be found at:
and is reproduced below:


Technical sheet 

Software specifications
1.  Navigation into HTML pages on the Internet or locally into CD-ROM /
    DVD or hardisk

2.  Three control modes. Two keyboard modes and a JoyPad mode. 

3.  Interaction and web pages description through a SAPI or SSIL
    compatible speech synthesizer

4.  Recognition and description of page items like Links, Maps, Forms,
    Frames, Images, Tables

5.  When the ALT tag of an image is not present, the software can
    interprets the link file name which allowing the user to interact
    with the visual information

6.  On line help 

7.  The page text can be read letter by letter, word by word or block by
    block ( to move cursor fastly into the page )

8.  Bookmark option with a personalized description of the web site
    address stored

9.  The bookmark items can be called easily 

10. With History option the user can recall all web sites visited 

11. The web page can be saved into HTML or Text format 

12. The software can be fully configured, for example some page elements
    can be excluded from the page description. The user can also modify
    the speech speed or select to reset, return to windows or turn off the
    system, when he exit from the program.

13. Fully support of "Forms" and their compilation 

14. All links and interactive items can be accessed immediately when the
    page is loaded

15. Full text search 

16. The text and related information (tables, maps, links, etc.) can be
    read through the speech synthesizer. The text can also be paused. 

17. The speech speed can be easily increased and decreasing allowing the
    user to skip some parts of text

18. The reading speed can be modify dynamically 

19. Function keys give a vocal response when pressed 

20. Automatic download of software patch 

21. The edit-keys like cursor keys, PageUp & PageDown allowing the access
    to all software functions through a talking menu

22. Summary key telling some information about items on the page 

23. A "Homepage" key, allows the user to call the starting page 

24. The page text can be displayed on the screen with big characters and
    contrasted colors. This feature allows the low vision users to
    interact with the software into visual mode.

25. The software can also be started from dos prompt 

26. A simple combination of keys can active the software any time is
    necessary from the operating system

27. Many HTML 4.0 accessibility tags are supported like : Longdesc, Alt,
    AccessKey, etc.

28. The software does not use any other browser to work. It's a new web
    browser dedicated to the blind people and their necessity

29. It's very small (can be save on 1,44Mb disk!) but powerfull. 

30. During the page downloading it'll be announced the number of bytes

31. The software allows the form compilation with a talking response 

32. When a "mailto:" links are encountered, the software can send e-mail
    message from the web-page

Note: The software is available only in Italian for now. We are
translating it into English, French, Detush, Espagnol and will be
available soon. 

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