Re: Responses to Tantek «elik issues raised during third last call of UAAG 1.0

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Jon Gunderson wrote:
> With event bubbling model used for scripting, every element potentially
> be interactive.

No, potentially "enabled".

> The user agent can make pretty good assumptions from the
> markup that elements with an "on" event hander, marked up as a link or
> input controls is an interactive element.  Other elements maybe
> based on scripting, which is difficult or impossible for the user agent
> determine from markup.  Maybe the term non-interactive needs to defined
> terms of "recognized through markup".

I think the document is already sufficient on this front.

1) The definition states:
    "A non-interactive element is an element that, by specification,
     does not have associated behaviors."

   It is thus only by virtue of specification (whether markup language
   style sheets) that something would be considered interactive or

2) The applicability provision is always in force anyway. So if not
recognized, it
   doesn't apply.

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