Re: [Clarification] Checkpoint 6.5 (alert of changes to content) does not apply to style changes

This seems to be a reasonable clarification to me.


At 04:11 PM 7/5/2001 -0400, Ian B. Jacobs wrote:
>In the 22 June draft, checkpoint 6.5 starts:
>   "1.Provide programmatic alert of changes to content, user interface
>      controls, selection, content focus, and user interface focus."
>I would like to clarify in the Note following the checkpoint that
>the checkpoint does not require alert to changes of style or
>(including, for example, SVG and SMIL animations). As long as the DOM
>is not changing, the checkpoint does not apply.
>I consider this a clarification since the checkpoint refers to *content*
>and not rendering.
>  - Ian
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