Re: Information about screen reader support for HTML elements/attributes?

This is going to be the case for most screen readers. I can only speak for 
Window-Eyes, but we do not parse HTML ourselves. Instead, we receive the 
parsed information from the browser through MSAA. So, if the TAGs in 
question are supported by MSAA, then they will be supported by Window-Eyes. 
If we have to step around MSAA and go right to the DOM to get some feature 
to work, then we will. But those cases are usually rare.

At 07:29 PM 6/26/2001 -0400, David Poehlman wrote:
>I'd like to see that one my self.  I think part of it has to do with how
>msaa and the browsers support the elements.  part for instance of the
>way jfw handles the title tag has to do with the current implementation
>of it by ie.
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>Hi folks,
>Does anyone know where I can find matrices of which
>screen readers support which HTML attributes and elements
>that are beneficial to accessibility (e.g., abbr)?
>Thanks for any pointers.
>  - Ian
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