Re: Library catalogue issue in Australia, Singapore, USA

> I've advised the company that we are not happy with the non-compliant
> `coding, and they have agreed to a conference call to discuss the matter,

The problem I think you will have is that the supplier will have spent
so much on "upgrading" their web site to make it bad that they will either
find it cheaper to give your money back or they will try to argue that 
it is you that is forcing the change and you should bear all their resulting

It sounds as though this is not a small detail that can be cheaply fixed
but that you are challenging the whole basis of their design, which their
designers will probably claim is "best" modern practice (although one can
make a good claim that frames ceased to be that half a decade ago!)  They
will probably argue that the old design is poor because it is not modern.

It's probably that neither their other customers nor their management and
marketing people are aware of the implications of accessibility on web
design, so they won't believe that they need to change.

Received on Sunday, 16 July 2006 08:44:32 UTC