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Thank you for that help, Matthew. It's a good idea of yours to approach Vision Australia on this matter, because they are aware of the effort we've made to make our site as friendly as possible in the past.

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> At the library where I am systems librarian, we have just started the process of upgrading the library management software, and on Thursday I received the document containing directions for editing the web pages. To my horror, I discovered that with the new version, the vendor has moved to frames!
> My manager advises that we are required by law to make our online catalogue work for all users, including the disabled, users of non-Windows operating systems etc.

Yes, there is a legal issue.  Please see "World Wide Web Access:
Disability Discrimination Act Advisory Notes" from the Human Rights and
Equal Opportunities Commission (HREOC):

I quote from Section 2.2 of that document:

"The provision of information and online services through the Worldwide
Web is a service covered by the DDA. Equal access for people with a
disability in this area is required by the DDA where it can reasonably
be provided. This requirement applies to any individual or organisation
developing a Worldwide Web page in Australia, or placing or maintaining
a Web page on an Australian server. This includes pages developed or
maintained for purposes relating to employment; education; provision of
services including professional services, banking, insurance or
financial services, entertainment or recreation, telecommunications
services, public transport services, or government services; sale or
rental of real estate; sport; activities of voluntary associations; or
administration of Commonwealth laws or programs. All these are areas
specifically covered by the DDA."

I think that has you covered...

If you are already working with Vision Australia, I am sure that they
can help you with this, having not only the expertise, but credibility
and reputation in this country.



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