Library catalogue issue in Australia, Singapore, USA

At the library where I am systems librarian, we have just started the process of upgrading the library management software, and on Thursday I received the document containing directions for editing the web pages. To my horror, I discovered that with the new version, the vendor has moved to frames!

The document also contains details of the style sheet, which is also full of bad practices.

Our current library catalogue is fully W3C compliant, and has been recently audited by Vision Australia, coming through with flying colours and a glowing report.

We have to fight this on behalf of our library users, and I am seeking assistance from the experts here. My manager is just as angry as I am, and has asked me to provide her with all the information needed to convince the vendor that they must change the format of the web view, which is what the users see both in the library OPACs (online public access catalogues) and via the internet.

My manager advises that we are required by law to make our online catalogue work for all users, including the disabled, users of non-Windows operating systems etc.

To see how bad the pages look on one of the sites that have been recently upgraded, visit Please click on 'Catalogue' if it shows the main content as blank. This site is typical. I have not selected a non-standard site, and it's a site that I know has very recently upgraded.

The style sheet is at

I've advised the company that we are not happy with the non-compliant coding, and they have agreed to a conference call to discuss the matter, but would appreciate some more ammunition as well as links to information on the appropriate legislation. The company has library sites in Singapore and the US as well as Australia.

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